The Art Factory in Paterson: My Disneyland

The Art Factory in Paterson: My Disneyland

When scouting outdoors for suitable locations to fit my signature urban style, I’m constantly on the look out for rust, crumbling doors, and pretty much anything “grungy.”  (I call it the ‘grungy grunge’).  For me, it’s the perfect backdrop for my urban teen portraits.  So when I began my search for a studio space to photograph clients, my biggest hope was to find an area with AT LEAST an alley and one rusty door.  Then I stumbled upon the Art Factory in the historic area of Paterson, NJ.  The Art Factory is a huge complex that houses the offices and studios of artists, filmmakers, and photographers.  We have access to an incredible backdrop of…wait for it…rust, brick, and grunge.  What used to be thriving factories in the 1800’s is now a canvas for music videos, films, and, for me, family portraits.

The Art Factory Paterson NJ. -photos by Omar Gonzalez


One benefit of this immense studio space is that it allows me to photograph during three of the worst conditions to photograph outdoors:  cold, rain, and harsh light.  I’m so excited to finally have the ability to shoot during the frigid January and February months.  In addition, my outdoor shoots are usually limited to late in the evening, when the light is the softest and most flattering.  Now, we can shoot at high noon in the studio!

The Art Factory, Paterson. -photos by Omar Gonzalez

So, needless to say, I am super excited to make some fantastic photographs for my clients.  The Art Factory is a unique and exciting office space.  Here I was hoping for one grungy door near a smelly alleyway.  Instead,  I have my Disneyland of Grunge.  I look forward to sharing the photographs with you.  Cheers!


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