Montclair NJ Bat Mitzvah Photography!

A Beautiful NJ Mitzvah in New Jersey

Here we go!   The start of another fall NJ mitzvah season and we kicked it off with a great one!  Here is a summary of our recent bat mitzvah event! I met my bat mitzvah girl in Montclair, New Jersey for our pre-mitzvah portrait shoot.  Montclair, NJ has so many cool spots to choose from for pre-mitzvah portraits.  I’m always looking for interesting colors and backgrounds and this old painted porch fit the bill.  Our girl just matches fantastically.  I love how the door matches her blonde locks!  We also found a great grungy alley that made for a great Mom and Dad snuggle shot.  Love it!

Our mitzvah girl and family in Montclair.
Our mitzvah girl and family in Montclair.

Being a soccer girl, we were able to find this interestingly tangled net to shoot at.


A few weeks later, we met before her service at the temple to take some torah reading photographs.  Beautiful stain glass adorned our bimah background.  The sun was shining on our kid this fine day!

Temple Ner Tamid Bloomfield NJ Mom and Dad were such amazing people, it was easy to capture how proud they were of their little girl.  I used the window light as well as my ginormous umbrella light to create this warm soft loving light.  We see Dad putting on her tallit and Mom putting the finishing touches on our girl.

NJ Mitzvah Photographer

It was then on to the bat mitzvah party at a fantastic NJ venue, the Upper Montclair Country Club!  There was candy!  There was music!  There was a beautiful 97 year-old grandma!  The guests had a great time celebrating our perfect guest of honor.  The venue’s fun, bright, and beautiful decor matched our mitzvah girl!

mitzvah decor


One of my favorite parts of the night was when I was photographing the horah, the super fun circle dance during the event.  The DJ yells out “everyone go towards the photographer!!”  I was like “What?”  Here’s what my second shooter Jorgie got and what the attack looked like from my end.  Hilarious.  And so much fun!

photographer attacked

It wouldn’t be a horah without the traditional chair!  Here we capture each family member risking their lives.  🙂

mitzvah chair dance

What a great way to start the fall mitzvah season!  Here’s to a beautiful family!  Cheers.

party event mitzvah dancing


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