New Jersey Bar Bat Mitzvah Photographer [Events]

New Jersey Bar Bat Mitzvah Photographer [Events]

So, a while back, I can clearly recall my brain saying “There’s no way I am shooting events.”  I’m strictly an urban chic portrait photographer.  After agreeing to shoot a Bar Mitzvah a few years back, I was a wreck.  The fear of ruining someone’s special day is enough to send you under the covers! After a few Mitzvahs under my belt, however, my rookie nerves disappeared and I started to actually enjoy myself!  It’s like clockwork now.  Each event begins with capturing the special Torah reading:

Bar Bat Mitzvah


Later on, the festivities begin.  Food, drink, games, and smiles!  The DJ’s at these events are simply amazing and know how to get everyone pumped.  I often find myself dancing as I shoot.  I mean, check these out!!

NJ Mitzvah Photography



Ah…takes me back to my clubbing days.  Also, the food is always a  welcome distraction as I shoot!

New Jersey Bar Mitzvah Photographer


Still my favorite part of shooting the day is our teen fashion photo shoot.  I want to give Mom and Dad something fantastic they can cherish from the event…because, let’s face it….in one year they will look completely different.  🙂

NJ Family Photographer








NJ Bar Mitzvah Photographer


 Omar Gonzalez is a New Jersey children, baby, and family photographer serving the New York, NJ metro area.  His uncanny ability to interact with all ages of children allows him to capture the true emotion of his subjects.  Omar specializes in urban and downtown on-location child’s photography which creates one-of-a-kind photographs. Kids love exploring all the great textures, walls, doorways, and street backdrops each town has to offer. Omar is also a New Jersey Bar Bat Mitzvah photographer as well as shoot the occasional small wedding.   So, looking for a great New Jersey Children’s Photographer?  

Here’s a taste of the action:



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