Platinum vs Black Label: Which is right for me?

Our two most popular Mitzvah packages booked are the top Black Label and the one right below, known as the Platinum Collection.  So, what’s the difference?  Well, let’s start with what’s the same!  The reason these two are popular is because they both include a portrait shoot, the Torah reading, and full party coverage.  Here are some details of what you get in both of the packages:

1. The Signature Portrait Shoot.  It’s amazing how fast your child has (and will) change.  Capturing portraits of them prior to their special day is priceless.  This is what we’re best recognized for: urban/street portraits.  Both packages include an on-location portrait shoot of your child and the family.  The portrait shoot is often done about three weeks prior to your reception date.  Our top Black Label Package includes full sized digital negatives that can be used for banners, sign-in boards, and decor.  Our Platinum Package includes smaller files that can be printed to about 4×6 sized or can be shown on an TV screen.  Here are some shots from our portrait shoots:


new jersey event photographer1080px-custom-2599




2. The Torah Reading.  Photographs of your child reading the torah are also included in both packages.  Both Packages include full sized digitals of the torah reading.   Immediate family, cousins, and grandparents usually take part in this rehearsal shoot.  Family formals can also be done at this time or later at the venue.  Here’s what that looks like:


NJ Mitzvah Photographer



3. The Party!  Both the Black Label and Platinum packages include full party coverage with large digital negatives.  We arrive prior to the start of the event to shoot all details and location photographs.  We, of course, capture all your special moments and guests.  This is also when we get your uncle tearing up the dance floor!



4. The slideshow: Both packages include a great highlights montage to share with guests usually a day or two after your event!  Here is an example of what you’ll get:

5. Web Gallery.  This is where your images live!  You can visit, share, and download images from your gallery.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 7.57.57 PM

So what’s the difference?  Well here are the differences between the two most popular packages:

1. Luxe vs Classic=Thick  vs. Thin.  We offer two albums.  Both albums include 30 pages that highlight the portrait session, the reading, and the party and include about 75-90 images.  The top package Luxe Album (Black Label) includes a gorgeous 10 inch high quality album with forty cover materials to choose from.  And the cover choices are just beautiful!!  Textured leathers, basic black, pretty fabrics, and many more.    The Platinum album comes in three cover choices: black, white, or grey.  Photos are printing on beautiful stiff, thin photographic paper and bound together.  The gorgeous archival printing is identical in both the Luxe and Classic albums.  See our short videos below to take a look.

Black Label Album: Thick pages, many covers and colors to choose from.

Platinum Label Album Photographic Pages

Platinum package album

2. Large digitals vs web digitals.  With our Black Label collection, you will receive every photograph in large, high quality files!  Black Label images are high resolution meaning they contain large amounts of detail and can be printed as super large prints, banners, or posters.  Also great for family gifts or wall prints.  To save you some money, the Platinum also includes high resolution files, but only from your torah rehearsal and reception.  All portrait files in the Platinum are small 4×6 phone sized.   These are 800 pixels wide at 72ppi, which basically means they’re great for sharing on social media, viewing on your phone, or adding to a video montage. With the Platinum package, we do provide you with one full resolution portrait file of your choice.  This will allow your to create beautiful “thank you” cards, a sign-in board, banners, or simply print your favorite pose.  See the difference in digital file sizes here: CLICK to SEE the files

3. Gallery expiration.  All Black Label clients will have galleries that never expire as long as OGP is around and kicking!  All other galleries expire and are taken down in 6 months.

4. Lifetime Cloud Storage.  Black Label clients have their original, full resolution files backed up to the cloud for life.

So, you really can’t go wrong with either package.  Both include beautiful albums and the service and photographs we’re known for.  Good luck!

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